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Beyoncé’s Newest Look: Long Box Braids!

A new mom deserves a new look, and Beyoncé stepped out with an entirely new hairdo this week! The singer, who has favored long flowy hair for over a decade, was spotted Wednesday morning with long box braids wrapped up in a massive bun.

It’s been long time since she’s looked like this (she briefly had braids in 1999 while in Destiny’s Child).

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The decision may have been inspired by Beyoncé’s style-savvy younger sister Solange, who currently has braids almost to her knees!

Out and about with her baby Blue Ivy in NYC, Beyoncé looked great in minimal makeup, simple hoop earrings and colorful ikat jumper, appearing more down-to-earth than her usual super glam self. And since the hair is a throwback to the 90s, she looks younger too!

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Certainly with the responsibility of a new baby, Beyoncé must not have as much time to do her hair. So the braids are a fun, easier way to manage a look for the new mom.

What do you think of Beyoncé’s braids? Leave your comments below!

How to Do Dookie Braids

The style known as “dookie” braids are a simple braided style often seen on  children. It consists of a few loose braids that are braided away from the  scalp, unlike cornrows, which are braided to the scalp. Because the style does  not pull tightly on the scalp, it is considered a protective style. Such loose  braids are a popular choice for those concerned about traction alopecia, which occurs when  hair is pulled tightly. These braided styles are often decorated with barrettes  and ribbons when worn by children, but can be arranged into more sophisticated  styles for adults


    • 1

      Moisturize the hair if dry.  Use the comb or hair pick to remove tangles. Section the hair into the desired  number of braids — 10 or fewer will show the style most  clearly.

    • 2

      Choose a section of hair to braid first and place the others in ponytail  holders. Divide your chosen section of hair into three equal parts. Hold all  three with a slight tension. Cross the rightmost part over the center part.  Cross the leftmost part over the part in the center. Repeat until you are at the  end of your section and secure with the ponytail holder. One braid is  complete.

    • 3

      Repeat the braiding process with each section of hair, removing the ponytail  holder from the sections of hair before braiding them.

    • 4

      Embellish the braids with accessories of your  choice.

Tips & Warnings

  • If your scalp or hands hurt during the braiding process, you are braiding too  tightly. Loosen your grip and don’t pull hard on the hair.

  • Some hair can be easier to braid when wet, but this can cause the hair to  develop a mildewed smell. Moisten slightly with water if you prefer to work with  wet hair.

  • Braids can be styled in much the same way as loose hair. Try a chignon or  French twist for a sophisticated look.